Why Our Customers Love Rapid Loans

Find out how Rapid Loans helps NZ borrowers secure small personal loans and read what they have to say about us.

Cleaning up a tired old bathroom

“I had recently bought a flat for myself in Christchurch, but the bathroom was very old and in a real state. I did some online searching and came across two loan companies. The first one I phoned made the whole process too complicated. They asked stupid, intrusive questions and tried to get me to borrow ten times more than I wanted.

Then I phoned Rapid Loans and they were fantastic. The Rapid Loans person was amazing. She was very professional and asked questions I was very happy to answer. The thing that surprised me the most about the process was how it easy it was, how quickly the money was in my account and how it was a totally stress free transaction.

So with my personal loan I could hire a plumber, buy a vanity and get my bathroom all fixed up in my new flat.”

Yosalit, Christchurch

A new laptop for new opportunities

“We’d never owned a computer before, but we really needed one so my husband could undertake the further study he needed to gain a certificate and a promotion. So when I saw a laptop on sale, I searched online for a loan to buy it and came across Rapid Loans.

I couldn’t believe how quick and straightforward the whole process was. I had approval on the same day and the money was in my account in the morning

Rapid Loans service was spot on, they were very quick and they phoned me straight away to sort it all out.”

Joanna, Auckland

Tidying up a few different debts with the one solution

“I had a few different debts that I just wanted to consolidate into the one loan. I called Rapid Loans and their attitude was absolutely fantastic.

You want to deal with people you like and are human and with Rapid Loans their attitude and their service was second to none. They listen to your requirements, they give you options and their incredibly friendly service makes you feel very comfortable.

And even when I had made a payment that I thought was the final one, but it wasn’t, they saw what the problem was, they helped me sort it out and it was no issue.

For me, Rapid Loans scores a 10 out 10 for service and efficiency”

Grant, Masterton

When a mercy trip is a must do

“I needed a loan to help pay for a trip home for me and my wife to Australia to urgently help our daughter as she was about to be admitted to hospital. I found the staff at Rapid Loans very helpful and they were in constant contact with me with updates on the progress of my loan, which was excellent, because I needed the cash urgently for the travel costs.”

Paul, Auckland