Privacy consent for online cash loans

It’s important to understand your obligations and commitments when applying for an online personal loan.

Privacy Consent

By submitting the following funding application to Rapid Loans NZ Limited, Company Number 3579431, I the Applicant (Borrower) acknowledge and accept that I have read and fully understood the following “Privacy Consent”. Furthermore I accept without reservation that I am providing an authority to Rapid Loans NZ Limited to deal with my personal information as detailed within this Privacy Consent.

By submitting an application via Rapid Loans NZ’s website, I consent to receiving commercial electronic messages from Rapid Loans. If I do not want to receive this information, I can contact Rapid Loans NZ and be removed from the mailing list.

Information Protection Policy

Rapid Loans NZ Limited[the Funds Provider] informs the Borrower that under the Privacy Act 1993, a Funds Provider may disclose information provided by the Borrower to credit reporting agencies for the following purposes:

  1. A statement that the credit provided to you by the Funds Provider has been repaid or discharged.
  2. To obtain a credit report about you, the Borrower;
  3. To allow the credit reporting agency to create a credit information file containing information about you, the Borrower.
  4. To provide account and repayment history information about you, the Borrower.

The information is limited to:

  1. Your application for credit, the amount and the fact that you have applied for credit;
  2. Personal details eg. Your name, sex, addresses provided, place and date of birth, employment details and ID numbers provided;
  3. A statement that the Funds Provider is a current provider of funds to the Borrower;

Any default occurrences like:

  1. Overdue repayments that may be passed to a debt collection agency for collection;
  2. Dishonoured cheques or payments that have been dishonoured on more than one occasion;
  3. Any serious credit infringement that the Funds Provider deems to be fraudulent in respect of your obligations to the Funds Provider;

Borrower’s statement:

Under the Privacy Act 1993, by making application for funding via this website, I authorise the Funds Provider to exchange my personal information to its associates, to any credit provider named in any credit report issued by credit reporting agencies used by the Funds Provider for any of the following purposes:

  1. to assess my credit worthiness;
  2. to assess my funding application;
  3. the collection of overdue payments;
  4. to notify any default by the Borrower;


1. Under the Privacy Act 1993, by making application for funding via this website I authorise the Funds Provider to obtain from a credit reporting agency, a credit report containing personal credit information about me as a guarantor for personal or commercial funding that I have applied for.

2. the Borrower solemnly declares that the information provided to the Funds Provider detailing the Borrower’s Assets, Liabilities and Earnings is a true and correct statement and the Borrower fully understands that Rapid Loans NZ Limited will use this information to assess the Borrower’s credit worthiness and further acknowledges that by providing any misinformation the Borrower would be acting fraudulently.

3. The Borrower acknowledges that the Funds Provider has informed the Borrower that it may give personal information to credit reporting agencies under the terms of the Privacy Act 1993. Dated the day of this application.