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With so many personal loans available, it is important to compare personal loan rates, rules, terms and conditions.

At Rapid Loans, we understand that everyone is unique and your circumstances will be different to everyone else’s.

That’s why we offer fast personal loans tailored just for you. That means you can get a loan that suits your budget and fits neatly into your lifestyle. We also understand that your situation may unexpectedly change over the life of the personal loan and we can easily re-tailor the loan to suit your different needs.

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Compare Personal Loan Rules, Terms & Conditions

While many places may promise same day cash, it’s important to understand the fine print on personal loans. These details can make a difference, so be sure to compare the terms and conditions.

At Rapid Loans, we pride ourselves on making the whole process of finding the best loans for you quick, straightforward and stress free. That’s why our terms and conditions on our online personal loans are clear and to the point, helping you quickly understand your rights and responsibilities as a borrower,  and make a more informed decision.

Compare Consumer Loan Rates

Comparing personal loan rates is probably the prime concern of most borrowers. But sometimes you need to think beyond interest rates alone and compare other factors such as rules, late fees and set up fees, exit clauses and the overall terms and conditions.

Deciding on rate alone may not be the best decision for you, so keep in mind that there are many other factors to take into consideration with your personal loan.

Rapid Loans NZ makes it easy to find the finance option you need. Instead of offering a family of online loans, we offer a single product tailored to your needs. Talk to our consultants today to find out how our loans could potentially help you.