How To Be A Smarter Car Buyer

Whether you’re shopping for a brand new vehicle or in the market for something second-hand, being prepared is the best way to ensure that your car shopping experience is a positive one. To help you ensure that you drive away in exactly what you were looking for, Rapid Loans has put together some simple tips that will make the process that much more fun and rewarding. Read on and make smarter choices when you’re next in the market.

Build a relationship

While we always think that the people who haggle the hardest walk away with the best prices, this isn’t always the case. Car dealers are people too, and when it comes to any person, the old adage that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar remains true. Taking the time and putting in the effort to foster a good relationship with the salesperson means they are far more likely to give you what you want, even to the point of working hard to help you drive off the lot with a less common deal. Even if you’re not satisfied with what they can offer you in the moment, don’t burn that bridge – leave your phone number and you’ll often be surprised what they might be able to work out with their boss after the fact.

The same goes for buying from a private seller – while they can’t always drop the price any further, building a good relationship makes it that much more likely. If you make their experience of selling their car that much easier, they’re more likely to take a little bit off the price to save themselves any further trouble.

The importance of a test drive

While seemingly an obvious thing to do, it’s important that you never try to buy a car in a hurry. Remember that you’re going to spend a lot more time behind the wheel and driving than you will be outside the car and looking at it, so making the time to take the car for a thorough test drive is absolutely essential. If you’re buying from a private seller and they’re not comfortable letting you go by yourself, offer to have them sit in with you or give them your licence as collateral while you go for a drive.

Getting your timing right

Don’t need a car straight away? Wait and see what happens. Often car dealerships will offer significant savings around the end of financial year or when new models of vehicle are released, so if you’re only just starting to consider buying a new car, see if you can’t save a little bit more or get some free inclusions by picking your moment.

Read up beforehand

It can be daunting knowing that you’re making a commitment to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for can do away with a lot of the stress of buying a brand new vehicle. Having a little bit of extra knowledge and doing that little bit more research can help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for, often down to a specific feature set or trim level ensuring that you’re not spending more than you need to. If you’re wondering what kind of information it might be worth having, here are a few things to consider:

  • ANCAP safety ratings.
  • Average fuel consumption.
  • Price differences between dealers.
  • Available extras, and how much they cost.

By knowing what you need ahead of time you can avoid being talked into something that’s just a wasted cost.

Considered financing?

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