See More For Less – How To Travel On A Budget

While they say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer metaphorically, it can also make poorer in a very real sense. While there’s nothing better than exploring a new city, seeing a culture, and experiencing a new approach to food, architecture and life, it can be expensive. At Rapid Loans, we know travel is something that most people want to experience, but few can at the level they’d like. To help more people see the world, we’ve put together five suggestions on how to travel on a budget.

Start early

First things first, book in advance. Planning ahead and doing your research on flights, accommodation and local transport can save you significant amounts of money. For every new place you’re adding to the itinerary, get in the habit of checking multiple websites to find the best prices available for how to get there, where to stay and how to get around there. While it’s never the best option, often you can save big by choosing a flight that involves one or two connections, spending a little more time and a lot less money.

Cook when you can

Make it a priority to book a room with a small kitchen. You don’t need the set from Masterchef, but something with a microwave, a stovetop and – if you can manage it – a countertop oven can help you save significant amounts of money by letting you cook at home. Instead of eating out for breakfast every morning and trying every famous restaurant in the city, you can cut your budget significantly by preparing your lunches a few days at a time or just making your own toast for breakfast before you leave. Save a bit of money each day by substituting a meal or two that you would otherwise eat out and see how much you can spend on fun!

Save time and money and book your activities online

The internet is your best friend when it comes to planning every part of your holiday. For many cities, you’ll be able to buy tickets to popular tourist attractions online from several websites. Hunt around and compare prices from a few reputable sources and book in advance. Not only will you save money by getting out in front, you’ll be able to save time and skip the lines at the box office when you get there. Looking to save even more? Go one step further and research some free events and activities you can do and fill up some days with low or no-cost fun.

Timing is everything

Learn the following words: Peak, shoulder and off-season. They’re the three keys to a great – or an expensive – holiday abroad. Between the peak season and the off-season, costs can vary substantially, with times such as school holidays, Christmas holidays and Easter long weekends being great examples of times when you’d be better off not travelling. Do your research beforehand and make sure you know when the peak travel season for your chosen destination is – are there any regional or national holidays you need to be aware of? If you’re not limited to travelling during the peak season, see if you couldn’t save some money by moving your holiday to a cheaper part of the year.

Use those legs

If you’re capable of it – and if it’s safe to do so! – walk everywhere you can. While some places do offer cheap public transport, these fares can quickly add up. Save money and get out there on foot. What’s more, you’ll be able to experience the city the way the locals do! Often this can be trade off – spend a bit more on getting accommodation in an area that’s close to the action and spend less on cabs, buses and trains.

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This is purely an opinion piece and should not be used as a sole source of guidance.