How To Make Your Dream Renovation A Reality

We all want our homes to be as beautiful as possible, and while everyone has an idea of how they’d love to style their home, not many get the chance to achieve it due to the cost. It’s a shame that more don’t pursue their dream home, as with a bit of lateral thinking and some smarter approaches, you could make your vision all the more achievable and that much lighter on your bank account.

To help everyone get on the road to building their dream home, we’ve put together this list of our favourite tips to help you keep the cost of your renovation reasonable without compromising on your vision. Read on for our favourite tips on how to be a smarter renovator.

Determining a budget

The first step to avoid overspending on your project is to set a firm and achievable budget. While this can seem like the dullest part of building a new home, it’s also the most necessary. Depending on where you are on your renovation journey and how complete your plan is, you may either want to create a budget with separate line items for each individual furnishing and service, or you may simply want to allocate larger amounts of money for each element and stage of the build (i.e. fixtures, furniture, painting, etc). However you decide to structure it, leave yourself some emergency money in your budget that isn’t attached to any particular item. That way, if something goes wrong or your priorities need to shift, you’ll have an amount you can draw down on. And if you don’t need to spend it? Enjoy it and use your emergency funds on some extras.

Second-hand but first class

If you’re looking for a way to save that could also give you access to some unique and truly special pieces, why not shop second-hand? Furniture, decorations and even certain building materials such as decorative tiling can be found in second-hand stores, and often these pieces will be unlike anything you’ll see at the shops. Try your local op shop, or visit eBay or TradeMe if you’re more of an online shopper. Save money, reduce your impact on the environment, and give your home a one-of-a-kind look all at the same time!

The joys of DIY

Bit handy yourself? Even if you’re not the kind to pick up a hammer and screwdriver, there are loads of things you can do yourself that can help you cut costs while also giving you a greater emotional investment in your renovation journey. Painting, making your own planter boxes, hanging your own shelving or replacing old flooring are all relatively simple tasks that a layperson could easily do. Keep your skill level in mind and ensure that dangerous work such as electric wiring and plumbing are left to licensed, qualified professionals. Apart from that, have fun!

Use your contacts

While you may spot a great deal on tiles, fixtures or plumbing supplies, that price might still be higher than what a tradesperson could get through their suppliers. Speak to your contractors and ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Keep calm!

If you’re midway through the renovation and concerned about exceeding your budget, don’t panic. Rapid Loans can make your dream a reality with personal loans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. With rapid responses on all enquiries, should you be approved you could have the money in your account within a day.

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This is purely an opinion piece and should not be used as a sole source of guidance.